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If you have type or type diabetes before getting pregnant, you can have a relatively normal pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby..Gestational Diabetes. During pregnancy usually around the th week many women develop gestational diabetes. A term used to refer to blood glucose.X levels while you re planning your pregnancy, so you and your baby both remain healthy..Recommendations for pregnancy and diabetes gestational diabetes GDM from the ADA American Diabetes Association ADA Guidelines .If women cannot achieve these targets without significant hypoglycemia, the American Diabetes Association ADA suggests consideration of slightly higher targets fasting < mg dL, h postprandial < mg dL, and h postprandial < mg dL..In addition, diabetes in pregnancy may increase the risk of obesity and type diabetes in offspring later . Suggested citation American Diabetes Association..American Diabetes Association Weight normal before pregnancy GDM are at increased risk for the development of diabetes, usually type , after pregnancy..As such, the American Diabetes Association views. Diabetes Care Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy Glycemic Targets in Pregnancy..Pregnant women without known diabetes mellitus should be first antenatal visit using the American Diabetes Association diagnostic criteria .Disclosures Every year with the January issue of Diabetes Care, the American Diabetes Association ADA releases the Standards of Medical .

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    Their mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by this disease. [English and Spanish].

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