Camel Milk Diabetes Treatment


Camel milk has a great taste. But that s not why Americans are beginning to drink it. People with diabetes are drinking it to help us reduce our .According to researchers in Bikaner, India, camel milk contains sufficient levels of insulin to help prevent, and perhaps treat, both type and type diabetes. It s estimated that India has over million diabetics at present, with this number expected to exceed million by the year ..The reduction of fasting blood glucose in type diabetic patients treated with camel milk and insulin was approximately after months, compared to or of patients treated with camel milk alone or insulin alone, respectively Table ..Citation Abdalla KO An Overview of the The.utic Effects of Camel Milk in the Treatment of Type Diabetes Mellitus. J Biomol Res Ther . doi .A debate is raging across the scientific world about the effectiveness of camel milk in treating diabetes, with a Middle East company promoting .J Med Food. Apr . doi . jmf Camel milk as an adjuvant therapy for the treatment of type diabetes verification of a . Department of Medicine, Diabetes Care Research Centre, SP Medical BACKGROUND OBJECTIVES Hypoglycemic effect of camel milk .Keywords Camel, Milk, Insulin, Type Diabetes Mellitus. Go to Camel milk is traditionally used as a treatment for diseases such as dropsy, .According to researchers, camel s milk helps control diabetes by containing insulin that is easier to absorb than other Insulin Effects of an Age Old Treatment..Of camel milk on diabetes and have reported a substantial. reduction in the to use it as natural therapy for the prevention and treatment. of diabetes ,, .

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Image Result For Camel Milk Diabetes Treatment

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