Can Diabetics Drink Scotch

Alcohol and Risk of Low Blood Sugar. If you are managing your diabetes witht and exercise alone, drinking alcohol can stil increase your risk of low blood sugars. This can lead to a drop in blood sugar levels if you are drinking alcohol on an empty stomach.. Make sure to measure A drink serving is ounces of beer, ounces of wine, or . ounces of hard liquor such as scotch, gin, tequila, or vodka. People with diabetes who choose to drink need to take extra care keeping food, medications, alcohol, and blood sugars in balance..Since the effects of drinking alcohol can last for hours after not just a hangover but diabetes wise it s important to make sure you test a lot the next day..Learn about drinking alcohol if you have diabetes. Drinking alcohol can cause a drop in blood glucose because alcohol blocks the .There is no need for people with diabetes to give up alcohol simply because of their and careful management, people with diabetes can also enjoy a drink..The problem if I have malt in the house I will drink it too often. My favourite Whisky is Scotch, Glenfiddich yr old single malt nectar. No ice or water. Anyway midges can t navigate in kilts,they get stuck in the pleats!!!.Drinking isn t off limits when you have type diabetes. Still, it s important to understand how alcohol can affect your blood sugar,t, weight, .People with type diabetes can drink alcohol safely if they take a few precautionary measures. Learn about type diabetes management at .Granted, not everyone drinks alcohol, but many people do. And when it comes to the question, “Can I drink alcohol if I have diabetes?.Also, I think alcohol and metformin can drop your blood sugar, but I so you see why people get stupid when they drink too much as the lack of .