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Clinical Research Trials in Juvenile Diabetes. Human umbilical cord tissue is an abundant source of a special stem cell group known as mesenchymal stem cells MSCs . Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells hUC MSCs are being stu.d in pre clinical research to determine their .Stem cells from cord blood “re educated” the immune system T cells of people with type diabetes so their pancreas started producing insulin .To date no stu.s have shown that stem cells can prevent type diabetes in humans, but cord blood has been able to prevent and also cure type diabetes in .In this issue of Diabetes Care, Haller et al. report their interim results about autologous umbilical cord blood infusion into young children with type diabetes..It is our anticipation and hope that stem cells will cure type diabetes someday because of their limitless capacity to differentiate as needed into the vital tissue .Type Diabetes is characterized by the body s inability to produce insulin and therefore necessitates daily injections of insulin. Because it most often develops in .Type diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood, affecting around children. The world is desperate for a cure .All eyes are on the CellCARE cord blood bank in Australia as they begin the onset of type diabetes in high risk children using cord blood..Cord blood is collected because it contains immune cells and stem cells, If you have a close family member with Type diabetes you may be .A four year old Australian girl has become the first person in the world to be injected with blood from her umbilical cord to stop her developing .

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    Umbilical cord blood is blood that remains in the placenta and in the attached umbilical cord after childbirth. Cord blood is collected because it contains stem cells .