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Diabetes Blogs Type 2. Search Kate Cornell’s site and you’ll find strange articles about her taste: try a low-glycemic ice cream, “you know … for science” and her first experiences at the local gym. “It may not be a gym rat, but maybe a white mouse gym,” he writes.

The Arizona-based blogger also shares recipes and diabetes-friendly tips. Your favorite carbohydrate exchange: Zoodles (zucchini noodles).

Their contributions illustrate their achievements and fight against type 2 diabetes.

“The stigma is an ugly bastard,” she says. “If I can tell a story about something, I have something to do to help another, then I do it.”

She becomes honest about things like failure to achieve goals and the emotional burden of insensitive comments.

“I hope that people can read the blog and get ideas on how to improve diabetes, but above all, see that not everything is bad.”

Kate’s Snack Hack

Beyond medicine

When Kate was diagnosed with Type 2 in 2005, she was not afraid; She was confused.

“I felt that I had been kicked out of the door and alone,” he says.

She searched the internet to connect with others. “Seeing how people live their lives despite diabetes helps,” she says. “Support is important.”

Kate turns to her husband or chat with people she met through the Online Community for Diabetes (DOC). Read blogs type 2 and type 1, such as brian-the-bsc.blogspot.com and testguessandgo.com. At the beginning of her diagnosis, Kate participated in forums on tudiabetes.org, diabetesdaily.com and community.diabetes.org.

On her blog, Kate announces her favorite events, such as Diabetes UnConference, where people with diabetes congregate and talk about the emotional effects of the disease.

“I will continue to encourage people to connect,” says Kate. “Helping people with diabetes, regardless of type, is very useful.”

Kate’s Snack Hack

“I make my own mixed nuts to avoid the large amount of salt in the varieties bought in the store.” Start in equal parts with large almonds, nuts and walnuts. Add salted cashews or peeled pistachios and let the salt taste the cashews and pistachios.

Join the online Diabetes community

Follow @SweetenedKate and other people with diabetes on Twitter and join # DCDE on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Eastern Time or #DSMA chat on Wednesdays at 21 o’clock Easter.

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