Do You Have Diabetes


Knowing the warning signs for diabetes can help you get diagnosed and begin treatment. Keep reading to find out the common symptoms of .You won t regret it. Prediabetes means a person s blood glucose sugar level is higher than normal, but not high enough yet to be diagnosed with type diabetes. So is taking a one minute prediabetes risk test..Find out if you have prediabetes, and how you can prevent type diabetes..Here s how diabetes is diagnosed HbAc or AC test This blood test measures your average blood sugar over the past months. Random plasma glucose This test can be done at any time of the day without fasting if you have symptoms of diabetes, such as extreme thirst or frequent urination..How can you tell if you have diabetes? Symptoms can be so mild that you don t notice them. WebMD tells you how to recognize signs of high blood sugar..Iryna Kolesova shutterstockWhen you have diabetes, your body becomes less efficient at breaking food down into sugar, so you have more sugar sitting in your .Hey, you re only two minutes away from completing the test. You can have prediabetes or undiagnosed type diabetes without having any obvious warning .The number of people with type diabetes continues to rise in the United States, with million diagnosed and another million who have it but don t know it, according Do you know if you are at risk for type diabetes?.Think you might have diabetes? Check out this list of diabetes symptoms. Learn to identify symptoms of diabetes..Get the information and support you need during the early weeks and months after It s not easy to hear you have diabetes. Where Do I Begin With Type ?.

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