How to Treat Gestational Diabetes with Gestational Diabetes Diet Plan

Gestational diabetes diet is one way to control blood sugar level. If you think the diet plan is complicated and torturing you, it is wrong. By learning about how to prepare the diet plan well you can do it fun. The diet is not only fun but also give positive impacts although you have to live with diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes Overview

Gestational diabetes happens when your body can’t produce enough insulin. Lack of insulin level in your body triggers high sugar blood level. Mostly, pregnant women are suffered from this type of diabetes. To prevent gestational diabetes, you should control your eating habit by following specific diet plan during pregnancy. Without proper treatment, gestational diabetes leads you to complication and even dangerous for your baby.

What to Prepare for Pre Diabetes Diet Plan

Gestational Diabetes Diet Menu PlanControlling Carbohydrate Level

The first thing to do if you want to start pre diabetes diet plan is monitoring your carbohydrate level. Basically, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop eating meals with carbohydrate. The key is meal spacing time. The problem is that you are eating too many foods with carbohydrate. Instead of doing it, you may change it by eating complex carbohydrate or high fiber foods. Combining carbohydrate with protein and good fat foods is also a good option for those who want to control sugar blood level comfortably. Remember! Following diabetes diet plan doesn’t mean you have to stop meals. In fact, you have to eat meal in the right portion and nutrient.

Eating Low Glycemic Index Foods

This trick is not only good for gestational diabetes but also for type 2 diabetes diet plan. You should calculate your glycemic index food first. To know your glycemic index food is by multiplying the gram of carbohydrate by the food’s glycemic index. Low glycemic index foods are a good option because it breaks slowly than simple carbohydrate. Because of that, your body can control the blood sugar level. Change your foods with low glycemic index foods such as 100% whole grain bread and cereal. It is a great food for diabetes diet plan especially for breakfast without increasing blood sugar level drastically. Moreover, you also need to consume non starchy vegetables and some of starchy vegetables such as peas and carrots. Combine this diet plan by eating fruits. Just put apples, oranges, grapefruits, peaches, or pears on your refrigerator. Definitely, you need to eat enough vegetables and fruits to control blood sugar level stable.

Eating Foods Contain of Protein

How about eating meat or fish? Is it possible to eat such kind of food? Luckily, you are allowed to eat those ingredients. Protein has an important role in gestational diabetes diet plan. That’s why, gestational diabetic sufferers have to eat foods contain of protein. You can also eat foods with carbohydrate along with protein. The main reason is of course those foods control blood sugar level stable. Protein lean foods are the best for pre diabetic diet plan. You can start to think about what you want to cook if you have fish, turkey, and chicken at home. If you don’t want to eat those ingredients, you can try to cook food with tofu, beans, nuts, and seeds. Those ingredients are safe for diabetic diet plan or even for normal people who want to keep their health and control their blood sugar level.

Unsaturated Fats

Fat is a must avoid compound for everyone including people with diabetes. Does it true? Actually, you can eat foods contain of fat as long as they are unsaturated fat. This is a healthy fat which even helps you to control blood sugar level. You may use popular unsaturated fat such as olive oil, avocado, peanut oil, and most nuts. Some fishes such as tuna, salmon, and sardine also contain of unsaturated fat. Those ingredients support diet for diabetes well.

On the other hand, you also have to avoid some ingredients and foods. You are not allowed to eat those foods because it might trigger your blood sugar level drastically. The impact is very dangerous such as leads you to heart attack, high cholesterol level, or stroke. So, what kind of food you have to avoid?

Sugary Foods

Sugar is the biggest enemy for people with diabetes. Eating refined or processed sugar can increase blood sugar level drastically. This is the reason why women with gestational diabetes are not allowed to eat too many cakes, puddings, soda, and fruit juice with a lot of sugar. If it is possible you have to do 1200 calorie diabetic diet plan. In this diet plan, you have to maintain the amount of calories within your body per day.

Very Starchy Foods

You may eat starchy foods although you have to check the level it first. If it is too much you would better avoid it to prevent high blood sugar level. Those foods contain of carbohydrate and it has significant impact to the level of blood sugar. Remove all the starchy foods such as white potatoes, white bread, white rice, and white pasta. You can just substitute it with the list explained above.

Instant Foods

Most people think that drinking fruit juice is good for their health. It is true but if you buy a glass of juice with a lot of sugar, it becomes unhealthy and even dangerous for gestational diabetes or type 1 diabetes sufferers. So, try to avoid eating or drinking instant products including soda, alcohol, and fruit juice. If you want to drink juice, try to make it by yourself at home. Just remember! Make a glass of sugar free juice. Experts will include sugar free snacks or foods on your type 1 diabetes diet plan or gestational diabetes diet menu.

In conclusion, managing food for diabetes is not as complicated as you can imagine. To make it easier and simpler, you can go to the nutritionist to get better suggestion. Nutritionist helps you to manage food based on your health including foods for type 2 diabetes menu and gestational diabetes diet plan.

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