Is Coffee Bad For Diabetics

There is a myth that is believed by many people where it is better diabetics no longer consume caffeinated beverages such as coffee. In fact, for someone who previously had been accustomed to consume coffee to boost his spirits, this ban would certainly make them trouble. Actually, is coffee bad for diabetics?

Health experts say that this myth is not true. According to him, there have been many studies that show that caffeine can provide health benefits for the body, including for those who have diabetes. Instead of banning the consumption of these drinks, it’s good coffee consumed by diabetics because of the content of caffeine and antioxidants are good for the heart muscle and overall health of the body.

Although not a problem to be consumed but diabetics should not consume coffee or other caffeinated beverages in excess. According to him, one cup of coffee every day is enough and will provide various health benefits. If consumed in excess, can be diabetics actually feel the side effects like a heart palpitations.

In addition to limiting the intake of coffee every day, it is better diabetics also familiarize themselves not to consume coffee with sugar. As we know, sugar is one of the main enemies for diabetics in maintaining their health. If diabetics carelessly consume sugar, it may be that their blood sugar levels will go out of control and eventually lead to dangerous complications. Considering we’ve got sugar intake from the various foods we consume every day, it’s good indeed we consume bitter coffee in the absence of added sugar in order to avoid various health problems.

4 Tips Healthy Drinking Coffee for Diabetic Patients

Is Coffee Bad For Diabetics

Here is a healthy coffee drinking tips if you want to keep your diabetes under control:

1. Limit and pay attention to when to consume coffee

Reducing coffee consumption to just one cup a day can help manage diabetes. Pay attention also to coffee time. For example, you can drink half a cup of coffee some time after waking up and drinking another half cup in the afternoon.

2. Always monitor blood sugar levels

Although allowed to drink coffee, you still have to monitor blood sugar levels every day. Check and monitor blood sugar levels after coffee because coffee can affect blood glucose levels. By monitoring your blood sugar, you can find out when it’s appropriate to drink coffee

3. Use a special sweetener diabetes

Some people love the coffee sweet. However, sugar and coffee can be a dangerous combination for people with type 2 diabetes. You must be good at balancing the love of coffee and sweetener used. Alternatively, use a special sugar diabetics as an additive to the sweet taste of coffee.

4. Change the topping

If you hobby using creamer, limit the amount of use, because each spoon creamer usually has 20-30 calories. Instead of using a calorie-dense creamer, better replace it with fat-free milk or do not use toppings at all.