Is Parboiled Rice Good For Diabetics

Is Parboiled Rice Good For Diabetics? Many news circulating mentions, excessive rice consumption is not good for health. Glucose content found in rice for example. People with diabetes as much as possible should limit the consumption of rice.

Not to mention the fact that rice can add weight to your body. Of course if consumed in excess. This is one big blow for anyone who embraces ‘if you have not eaten rice, that means you have not eaten.’

A new study might save you, rice enthusiasts, to keep eating rice without worrying about body weight. The study was presented at the 249th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

The results show that certain cooking and cooking methods can reduce the absorption of calories from rice to 50 to 60 percent.

Still Providing High Level Nutrition

Is Parboiled Rice Good For Diabetics

Because basically brown rice, you will get plenty of vitamins and nutrients while consuming parboiled rice. The difference, however, is that the glycemic index of this type of rice is 30 points lower at its starting point than its red rice neighbor. The problem people have with converted rice, however, is that the GI can actually reach a peak above 80, which can create blood sugar problems for diabetics.

So far, knowing what GI product you buy becomes very important for the diet process. Many of the parboiled packaged packaged packages you will find on grocery shelves will fall into the 60s or 70s, which is comparable to a slightly cheaper standard form of rice. Some of the converted rice can be close to 90 in the GI. On the other hand, the Sungold brand provides products that have only 27 GIs. That is a big difference.

How Long You Cook the Rice Matters Too

Rice does have a high glycemic index value and can increase or even lower blood sugar levels quickly.

Cooking rice for too long, for example in a cooker, causes gelatinization, one of which increases the value of the glycemic index.

Rice has a high glycemic index value that can increase blood sugar levels quickly, if too long cooked rice will cause gelatinization process so it will reduce the fiber content and increase the value of glycemic index.

Foods that have high glycemic levels can trigger diabetes in the long term. Several studies have also linked high glycemic index with obesity, heart disease, and some cancers.

Therefore, rice to be cooked for immediate consumption, rather than being heated continuously. By cooling the rice, then the process can be stopped so it will not increase the glycemic index. Cooking rice to be consumed immediately.