Is Statin Induced Diabetes Reversible

Is Statin-Induced Diabetes Reversible? Studies in Finland found an increased risk of up to 50% in people taking statin-lowering cholesterol-lowering drugs.

You or especially high cholesterol sufferers are familiar with the drugs simvastatin, atorvastatin, and so forth. Did you know that a recent study (published March 4, 2015) in Finland announces that cholesterol-lowering drugs can significantly increase the risk of type 2 diabetes?

Statins in this study increased the risk of type 2 diabetes by several mechanisms, including that statin drugs can increase a person’s insulin resistance, another mechanism is that statin drugs interfere with the ability of pancreas to produce insulin.

Director of the Lipid Disorder Clinic and Associate Director of the University of Miami Diabetes Research Institute, dr. Ronald Goldberg, stated that the study “proves that statins increase insulin resistance, also that a person with diabetes is generally less able to respond to insulin resistance by producing more insulin.

Previous studies have shown that statins may increase the risk of diabetes. In this latest study, researchers from the University of Eastern Finland traced the effects of statin therapy to nearly 9,000 men without diabetes for 6 years. The age of the study object was between 43 – 73 years. One in 4 men took statins at the beginning of the study.

Is Statin Induced Diabetes Reversible

What if someone has high cholesterol and diabetes?

Ideally, avoid static use in patients with diabetes risk. However, this study only concerns the association between statin use and diabetes risk and is performed only against men of the white race, so it remains unclear whether this applies also to women or other racial groups. Research in Indonesia or Asia may help answer this.

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Science is an exact science? Do not think so, every day various new research can just present abort the old theory.