Jcpenney Baby Cribs Furniture

Jcpenney Baby Cribs Furniture
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Jcpenney Baby Cribs Furniture. Using the different features of baby cribs, it’s a little overwhelming to sort everything out. This article reviews an array of comon baby crib features and blogs about the advantages and disadvantages of every feature.

Is the Baby Crib Made of Quality Materials and Construction? Wooden Baby Cribs/Iron Baby Cribs

You don’t often think of the material that your baby crib uses for being an actual feature to think about. But, selecting a baby crib that is created from quality materials might make a big difference from your baby crib which can be used for many years then one that you want never bought. Wooden baby cribs ought to be stained or painted hardwoods like maple, ash, beech, or oak. The entire stability of the baby crib may be threatened through inferior woods in the manufacturing process. This is due to the baby crib slates becoming weakened and/or warped with use. Baby Cribs can also be made out of metal such as iron. While Iron Baby Cribs will be beautiful, the styling might be limited over time. If you consider keeping the baby crib for years, make certain you think you’ll like the metal styling in the future.

Issues to Consider with the Baby Crib Side Bar: To Drop or Not to Drop

Baby cribs are manufactured either with fixed, single-drop or double-drop sides. If you are tall, fixed sides are acceptable for you. I am 5′ 8″ tall and don’t lower the edges of my baby’s crib. Higher end models may have side rails that lower on both sides of the baby crib. Depending on how you position the baby crib, this really is a nice feature. If you’re planning on putting your baby crib up against a wall, this selection won’t add any benefits of the baby crib.

There are three basic types of drop sides:

* Knee Push-Leaning your knee against the baby crib side to lower it. It’s typically a fairly easy and quiet type of drop side.

* Foot Bar-Balancing using one foot, you push a lever to lower the baby crib side. This ma be a bit tricky depending on how you are standing on one foot.

* Double Trigger-You have to use two hands to lower the side. This style is OK if you are not holding the baby. But, it is not very convenient since you will probably have your baby in your arms before you lower the baby crib side.

Ideally, you have to be able to lower and lift the side rail with ease. Keep in mind that you will sometimes have your baby in your arms while you are trying to lower the bar. When trying out a model in the store, try lowering the bar yourself while imaging that you have your baby in your arms. This will give you an notion of how easy it will be when you are looking to put your baby down to sleep. Also, make certain that rails have locking mechanisms to prevent accidental release. You might want to consider how quietly the side rail raises and lowers. You would not want it to wake your sleeping baby.

Does the Baby Crib Allow you to Lower the Mattress?

Be sure that your baby crib lets you adjust the height of the mattress. If you’re not tall, a higher mattress will make it easier for you to get your baby in and out of the baby crib. Once your baby starts to move around, you will need to lower the mattress. The baby crib you buy should have at least 2 height positions for the mattress. Some higher end models will have 3 height levels which is a nice bonus feature.

Baby Cribs with Drawers

Some more expensive models have compartments in the bottom of your companion crib. In case place is an issue for you, this may be a good feature to have. You may be able to put off buying a dresser for your little one. Just beon the bottoms of the drawers (if htere is space for your little one to crawl under the crib.
Baby Cribs with Wheels

Some baby cribs come with wheels. This is a very nice feature if you plan on moving the baby crib around. It can make it easier to change the linens and to clean under the baby crib. Being able to roll a baby crib into another room is also a nice flexibility to have. Metal wheels are better than plastic. Keep in mind that this could be a potential danger as well, especially if you have other children in the home. They could push the baby crib on their own (i.e. along the stairway, facing the windows or furniture). Make sure that the wheels have a good, solid locking mechanism. If the baby crib that you want does not come with wheels, you can always buy high quality wheels and install them yourself or have someone install them for you.

Convertible Crib: Baby Cribs that Convert into Other Things

Many baby cribs are designed to convert to a toddler bed, a bench, or even an adult daybed for later use. Although this is a very great feature to get with your baby crib, make sure that you like what it converts to. If it converts to a toddler bed, consider how long your toddler will be able to sleep in it. You may end up having to buy a regular size twin bed in a few years if you child outgrows the toddler bed. Also, most baby cribs with this feature require an additional kit to make the conversion. Be sure to check on how much this kit will cost you before making your decision. Jcpenney Baby Cribs Furniture does not claim ownership to any content found on this site. All images are copyright to their respective owners