Symptoms of Diabetes in Men, Women, and Children

Symptoms of diabetes are various. The symptom depends on the type of diabetes. Recognizing the symptoms is important to determine further medical treatment. This article is trying to show you about the symptoms of various types of diabetes. By understanding it well there is a possibility to treat your diabetes.

Types 2 Diabetes

This diabetes happens when your pancreas can’t produce enough insulin or your body doesn’t react to insulin or insulin resistance. Type 2 diabetes becomes the most common diabetes in UK. To overcome the side effects, type 2 diabetes sufferers need to do specific diet and exercise but some of them need medication or insulin. Before visiting doctor, you may check the type 2 diabetes symptoms here. In the earlier phase, you feel thirsty all the time. At the same time, it increases your hunger even after eating. Because you drink more than usual, you will also urination more than before. Just be careful if you eat but you are suffered from weight loss especially without any clear explanation. There is also change in your physical such as dry mouth and blurred vision. Sometimes, you feel headache and loss of consciousness although it is really happened.

Pre Diabetes

Besides suffering from type 2 diabetes people tend to be suffered from pre diabetes. This diabetes happens before suffering from type 2 diabetes. High blood sugar becomes the main symptom of this diabetes. Without proper treatment, pre diabetes attacks kidneys, heart, blood vessel, and eyes. Because of that, you should take medical checkup if your feel specific pre diabetes symptoms. For example, your blood sugar level is high and your body shows insulin resistance. Be careful if you are suffered from heart disease because it might be caused by pre diabetes. In the early phase, you feel thirsty more than before and of course you will be urinating more than before. Sometimes you feel fatigue and also blurred vision.

Gestational Diabetes

Pregnant women need to check their condition especially during 24th up to 28th of their pregnancy period. This is the most time when women are suffered from gestational diabetes. The main symptom is of course high blood sugar level. Actually, gestational diabetes symptoms are the same with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. You want to drink more than before and it triggers more urination than before. In the next phase, you feel fatigue and blurred vision. The worse is that mostly you don’t know if you are suffered from gestational diabetes until you take medical checkup.

You also need to know that the symptoms are depending on the gender and age. Don’t lose attention of your children’s health because they also have the same risk. Without controlling their eating habit the possibility to suffer from diabetes is bigger. It is a must to bring them for regular checkup if the parents are suffered from diabetes. There is a possibility that their children have diabetes from genetic factor. So, what are the symptoms of diabetes in women, men, and children? Let’s talk a little bit here.

Symptoms Of Diabetes

Diabetes Symptoms in Women

Taking regular checkup is very important for everyone including women. This is the best way to know the early symptoms of diabetes. Actually, signs and symptoms of diabetes in women are similar to man although there are some of them are different and unique. For example, you may suffer from vaginal or oral yeast infection or thrush. This is a common infection and becoming the symptom of diabetes in women. It starts with itchy and soreness and even painful while doing sex intercourse. The most common cause of this infection is high blood sugar level. You should go to the doctor for medical checkup if you feel painful during urination along with burning sensation. There is a big possibility that you are suffered from urinary infection. The worse phase is bloody or cloudy urine. This is also the sign that you are suffered from diabetes because there is a problem on white blood cells circulation.

Diabetes Symptoms in Men

How about diabetes symptoms in men? Does it same with diabetes in women? In general, the symptoms are similar. For example, a man with diabetes tends to be thirsty more than before. They will drink water more than before and it triggers urination. This is the common sign because your metabolism is trying to build sugar in the blood. The different is that the dehydration condition might be worse. Your body can’t accept liquid and triggers complication known as hyperosmolar nonketotic diabetic coma. In the next phase, sugar in your blood can damage blood vessel of kidney, eyes, and heart. The risk of heart attack, stroke, and blurred vision is higher in this phase.

Symptoms of Diabetes in Children

Diabetes can attack everyone without considering the age including children. That’s why you should be aware with your children. Try to recognize the symptoms of diabetes in children and go to the doctor right away for further treatment. Overweight children and children with family who suffer from diabetes have bigger risk to get diabetes. Before suffered from pre diabetic symptoms, they must have unhealthy eating habit and lack of physical activity. You should notice when your children loose their weight drastically without any specific reason. It might be one of the symptoms of diabetes in children. The other symptoms are similar to the general symptoms such as thirst, fatigue, and urination. Because the symptoms are similar and even sometimes without clear symptoms at all, you need to bring your children for medical checkup to know their actual health condition. The earlier treatment is better for your children to face their life with diabetes in the future.

The best thing to do is of course keep your health by eating healthy foods, doing more exercise, and controlling your stress condition. Those treatments are the best way to prevent diabetes. Remember that keep away from diabetes is not only important for you but also for your next generation, your beloved children. Living without diabetes is great and treating the symptoms of diabetes above is the best way for better future.

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