Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis Stories

“Something Just Isn t Right” Reflections on Our Daughter s Type Diagnosis All week long, we will present stories from parents of children with diabetes, .Arden was then diagnosed with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease HFMD . The last day Arden was just Arden and not also a child living with type diabetes. Inside you ll find over a thousand posts stories of living, type news, technology .Getting the Diagnosis Jen s Story Jen and Kim are real moms of kids with type diabetes and have been compensated for their contributions to this site..Developing Type is a funny thingits encroachment is so subtle, so nefarious, that you barely recognize that anything has changed. I likely .Our daughter Sophie was diagnosed with type diabetes on at the age of eleven. I knew very little about TD before it entered our .We have lots of short stories you ve been sending us. You can read years ago, at the age of I was diagnosed with Type Diabetes. I remember being on .And each time you tell your story the story gets shorter and shorter. This was the day my seven year old son Carter was diagnosed with Type one Diabetes. Later I will learn that this too was a sign of Type diabetes..Read the stories of other people with Type and see how they continue to inspire her diagnosis with Type diabetes and her decision to join Beyond Type s .So, I don t know how rare I am to be diagnosed with Type at age , but I feel like an oddity. I was diagnosed at the end of June of this year, .In , her young daughter was diagnosed with type diabetes, which changed their lives forever. Kristie shares her family s story and .

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