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But it s realand it s so strong that some experts are now referring to it as type diabetes or brain diabetes. By any name, it s the progression .Type diabetes is a title that has been proposed for Alzheimer s disease which results from resistance to insulin in the brain..When a person has insulin resistance in the liver or muscles, he may develop Type diabetes. Insulin resistance in the brain is now being called Type . An individual may have either or both types. People with Type diabetes are more likely to develop Alzheimer s disease than people with normal blood sugars..We conclude that the term “type diabetes” accurately reflects the fact that AD represents a form of diabetes that selectively involves the brain and has molecular .What is the connection between diabetes and Alzheimer s disease? Here s a summary of why Alzheimer s was nicknamed “Type Diabetes.”.”My parents are getting older and I want to do everything I can to help them prevent Alzheimer s, considering both my grandmothers had this .Diabetes Type which is regarded as “brain” specific diabetesis a dangerous diabetes hybrid that was first discovered in . A study, which was .Most of us are familiar with the two main types of diabetes type and type . Type is primarily .Type diabetes is a proposed term for Alzheimer s disease resulting in an insulin resistance in the brain. The categorization is not embraced by the medical .You might have heard Alzheimer s disease described as “Type Diabetes,” implying that it s another “disease of civilization,” a consequence of the modernt .

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