What Is Worse Type1 Or Type 2 Diabetes

Worst article I ve ever read. I cannot believe that you want to make people believe that Type is worse than Type . I ve been living with Type . Insulin is a type of hormone produced by the pancreas to regulate how blood sugar becomes energy. An imbalance of insulin or resistance to insulin causes diabetes. There is type , type , and gestational diabetes. They have different causes and risk factors, and different lines of treatment.. People with type diabetes usually are diagnosed during childhood, and On the other hand, type usually is caused by poort, lack of . In navigating diabetes, people always ask which is worse Type or Type . D Mine tackles this question with a side by side comparison..Type diabetes formerly called juvenile onset or insulin dependent diabetes As type diabetes gets worse, the pancreas may make less and less insulin.. Type diabetes and type diabetes aren t the same thing. If these efforts don t work and the disease gets worse, you may need to turn to . The high levels of blood sugar in diabetes can result from a lack of insulin or the body s failure to respond to insulin. The inability to control blood sugar causes the symptoms and the complications of both types of diabetes. But type diabetes and type diabetes are two different diseases in many ways..Whilst both type and type diabetes are characterised by having higher than normal blood sugar levels, the cause and development of the conditions are . Learn whether type diabetes is more serious than type diabetes and why. Your reinforcing this inaccuracy is only making it worse..This is a difficult question to answer because no type or type diabetic is exactly the same. In addition, there are some aspects of each that are..

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    Late Update To be completely clear, the goal of this post is to point out how unproductive this question is. It comes up from time to time in the forums, but only .